Cincom A20 VII

Switch between guide bushing and non-guide bushing type (standard) and machine bar stock up to ∅ 25 mm (option)

Cincom A20 brochure

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Acclaimed for its excellent cost to performance ratio, this next generation A20 has evolved as a 5-axis machine (plus C1 & C2 as MCC standard) for ∅ 20 mm applications, with the advantage that it can be used with or without the easily mounted and removed guide bushing.

The high speed 10,000 rpm spindle enables optimized machining operations on smaller diameter bar material. The machining length per chucking is now extended to 200 mm enabling the number of re-chuckings and therefore cycle times to be reduced when machining long workpieces. As an option, bar material up to ∅ 25 mm can be machined extending the range of work pieces.

With its Fanuc Series 32i Model B System Control, the A320 offers quick setups and high speed, high precision performance.  And with the additional X2 axis, front/back simultaneous machining is possible.

  • Installation of the Latest NC Unit
  • Streamline Control
    • Direct C-axis Indexing
    • Axis Feed Motion Overlap Function


High-Rigidity Technology


  • Heavy-Duty Bed for More Rigidity
  • Rigid Sleeve Holders
  • Rigid Construction Around the Spindle
  • Roller Guides Now Used on all Sliding Axes


Technology to Cope with Thermal Expansion


Left/Right Symmetrical Bed

Coolant Tank Restricts Heat Emissions

Maintenance Performance


  • Air Sealing
  • Centralized Lubrication Unit Installed as Standard


Convenient Operation Assured


  • Control Panel Layout
  • USB /PC Card Slot
  • Product Separator
  • Product Receiver Box
  • Large Capacity Coolant Tank
  • Coolant Nozzles
  • Chip Compartment
  • CS Quick Wedge
  • In-machine Lighting

Standard NC functions


NC unit dedicated to the A20

8.4 inch color LCD

On-machine program check function

Operating time display function

Preparation function

Spindle speed change detector

Nose radius compensation

Constant surface speed control function

Program storage capacity: 80 m (approx. 32 KB)

Product counter indication (up to 8 digits)

Automatic power-off function

Continuous thread cutting function

Pre-processing function

Tool offset pairs: 49

Sub micron commands

Spindle synchronized function

High speed rigid tapping function

Chamfering, corner R

Canned cycle drilling

Drawing dimension direct input

Multiple repetitive cycle for turning

User macros

Y-axis offset

Front/Back spindle C-axis function

Tool life management I

Tool life management II

Network I/O function

Inch command

Sub/inch command

Optional NC functions


Program storage capacity 2560 m (approx. 1 MB)

Hob/polygon function B

Optional block skip (9 sets)

External memory program driving


Standard accessories


Main spindle chucking device

Back spindle chucking device

Rotary guide bushing device

Cut-off tool breakage detection


Workpiece separator

Coolant unit with level detector

Lubricating oil supply unit with level detector

Door lock

Pneumatic device for air sealing

Machine relocation detector


Optional accessories


Fixed guide bushing device

Knock-out jig for through-hole workpiece

Callback chute

Long workpiece unit

Workpiece conveyor

Chip conveyor

Coolant flow rate detector

Signal lamp

3-color signal tower

Machine specifications


A20VII (A20-3F7)

Max. machining diameter (D)

20 mm ( 25 option)

Max. machining length (L)

GB: 200 mm / 1 chucking (188 mm: 25 spec.) NGB: 2.5 D

Spindle through-hole diameter

26 mm

Main spindle speed

Max.10,000 rpm

Spindle speed of the gang rotary tool

Max. 6,000 rpm (Rating 4,500 rpm)

Max. chuck diameter of back spindle

20 mm ( 25 option)

Max. protrusion length of back spindle workpiece

50 mm

Max. protrusion length

100 mm

Back spindle speed

Max. 8,000 rpm

Number of tools to be mounted


Tool size

Tool (gang tool post)




Chuck and bushing

Main spindle collet chuck

TF25 (TF30: 25 mm)

Back spindle collet chuck

TF25 (TF30: 25 mm)

Rotary tool collet chuck

ER11, ER16

Chuck for drill sleeves

ER11, ER16

Guide bushing

TD25NS (CD25: 25 mm)

Rapid feed rate

All axes (except X1)

32 m/min

X1 axis

18 m/min


Spindle drive

2.2 / 3.7 kW

Tool spindle drive

0.75 kW

Back spindle drive

1.1 / 1.5 kW

Coolant oil

0.4 kW

Lubricating oil

0.003 kW

Center height

1,050 mm

Rated power consumption

7.1 kVA

Full-load current

20.2 A

Main breaker capacity

30 A

Air pressure & air flow rate for pneumatic devices

0.5 MPa • 47 NL

Weight 4,851 lbs

A20 floor layout



L1 and L2 dimensions vary depending
on bar feeder type


All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


This product is subject to the export control laws of the United States and other countries. A license may be required prior to export, re-export or transfer of these products. Contact us for further information.


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