2-spindle 2-turret Turning Center

Miyano BNJ brochure

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Model BNJ-42SY2/51SY2 features a uniquely configured back-working turret and a R-spindle traversable on both X- & Y-axis slides, providing high level of turning operation in a single complete setup from bar stock. The availability of greater variation in simultaneous front-and-back processing with Y-axis control speed up the cutting cycle by approximately 35% compared to conventional machines with two spindles and one turret.

Tooling Area

Overlap machining by main turret and R-spindle

Main components and movements

Cutting by back-working

Machine specifications

Item     BNJ-42SY2 BNJ-51SY2
Power chuck L/R spindle     6"/5" oil-hydraulic
Max. bar capacity L spindle     51 mm
R spindle     42 mm
Max. turning length       100 mm
Main spindle speed range L spindle     50~5,000 min–1
R spindle     67~7,000 min–1
Main spindle motor L spindle     11/7.5 kW
R spindle     5.5/3.7 kW
Turret tool stations L turret     12 St. Turret
R turret     6 St. Segmental turret
Max. No. of revolving tools L/R turret     12/6
Turret slide travel L turret X1-axis   165 mm
  Z1-axis   246 mm
  Y1-axis   ±40 mm
R spindle X2-axis   70 mm
  Z2-axis   525 mm
Tool shank size L&R turret     Sq. 3/4"
Tool hole diameter L&R turret     ∅ 1"
Max. No. of revolving tool stations L turret     12
Tool spindle speed range       0~6,000 min–1
Machine weight       5,200 kg

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