Featuring 2 spindles and 2 turrets with Y-axis function on main turret

Fixed headstock type CNC automatic lathe


  • 7-cutting axes (X1, Z1, Y1, X2, Z2, C1, C2)
  • Two spindles
  • Two turrets
  • One Y-axis slide
  • 25 Nm twelve revolving tool stations (main turret)
  • Eight tool stations (turret No. 2)
  • 2" diameter bar capacity
  • 3.9" work length


The BNJ-51SY6 includes the new, more powerful Fanuc 0i-TF control that comes standard with a multitude of CNC features that were not available on previous generations of the control.  In addition, 8-Station Sub Turret makes free simultaneous machining Front-Back.

NC standard functions

Other functions

10.4"color LCD

No of registered programs: 800

Decimal point input

Manual pulse generator

Memory protect

Polar coordinate interpolation

Programmable data input (G10)

C-axis control (SP1/SP2)

Superimposed control A

Chamfering/ Corner R

Tool nose R compensation

Background editing

Synchronous mixed control

Operating time/ Parts No. display

Multiple repetitive canned cycle (G70-G76)

Continuous threading

Canned cycle for drilling

Tool life management system

Variable-lead cutting

Rigid tap function (Spindle & Revolving tool)

Circular interpolation

Custom macro

Handle retrace function

Polygon cutting

Synchronized function

Dual check safety

Network I/O function

Reference position setting

Helical interpolation, RS-232C

Splash guard interlock


Pneumatic unit

Machine light

Non-fuse breaker

SP2 Work ejector & inner high pressure coolant

Chuck close confirmation

Total & preset counter (Custom menu)

Cut-off confirmation

High pressure coolant

Revolving tool (HD2)

Spindle brake

Air blow

Parts catcher & Parts conveyor

Chip conveyor

Coolant level switch

Bar feeder interface

Signal tower

Automatic power shut-off

Thermo revision


Optional accessories


Drill breakage detector

Part carrier

Chip box

Tool holder, tools, etc.

Machine specifications



Maximum machining length

100 mm

Diameter of standard cutting

Spindle No. 1

51 mm Dia.

Spindle No. 2

42 mm Dia.

Chuck size

Spindle No. 1

6 inch

Spindle No. 2

5 inch

Number of spindles


Spindle speed range

Spindle No. 1 & 2

5,000 rpm

Inner diameter of draw tube

Spindle No. 1

52 mm Dia.

Spindle No. 2

43 mm Dia.

Collet chuck

Spindle No. 1


Spindle No. 2

H-S16, DIN171E

Power chuck

Spindle No. 1

6" thru-hole chuck

Spindle No. 2

5" thru-hole chuck

Number of turrets


Type of turret

Turret No. 1

12 station turret

Turret No. 2

8 station turret

Shank height of square turning tool

3/4" Sq.

Diameter of drill shank

1" Dia.

Revolving tools

Number of revolving tool

Turret No. 1

Max. 12

Turret No. 2

Max. 4

Type of revolving tool

Turret No. 1

Single clutch

Turret No. 2

Simultaneous drive in all positions

Tool spindle speed range

Turret No. 1

6,000 rpm

Turret No. 2

3,000 rpm

Machining capacity Drill

Turret No. 1

Max. 13 mm Dia.

Turret No. 2

Max. 10 mm Dia.


Turret No. 1

Max. M12 × 1.75 (S45C-D)

Turret No. 2

Max. M6 × 1.0 (S45C-D)

Turret slide stroke

X1 axis

165 mm

Z1 axis

246 mm

Y1 axis

80 (± 40) mm

Spindle slide stroke

X2 axis

85 mm

Z2 axis

590 mm

Rapid feed rate

X1, Z1, X2, Z2 axes

20 m/min

Y1 axis

12 m/min


Spindle drive

Spindle No. 1 Cs

15/ 11 kw (15 min/cont.)

Spindle No. 2 Cs

7.5/ 5.5 kw (15 min/cont.)

Revolving tool drive

Turret No. 1

2.2 kw

Turret No. 2

0.75 kw


1.2 kw (X1, Z1, Y, X2, Z2)

Hydraulic oil motor

2.2 kw

Lubricating oil motor

0.004 kw

Coolant pump

0.25 kw × 1, 0.18 kw × 1

Turret index motor

0.75 kw

Power supply


AC 200/ 220 ±10% 50/ 60 Hz ±1%


33 KVA

Air supply

0.5 MPa


100 A

Hydraulic oil tank capacity

10 L

Lubricating oil tank capacity

4 L

Coolant tank capacity

300 L

Machine height

1,700 mm

Floor space

2,630 × 1,540 mm (without chip conveyor)

Machine weight

11,687 lbs

NC Device

Fanuc FS 0i-TF

Controlled axis

Simultaneously controlled axis Max.4

X1, Z1, Y1, Cs1, A1, A2, X2, Z2, Cs2

Min. input increment

0.001 mm, 0.0001 inch, 0.001 deg

Min. output increment

X axis: 0.0005 mm, Z axis: 0.001 mm

Y axis: 0.001 mm

Parts program strage capacity

Total 1MB (2,560m Tape length)

Spindle function

Spindle speed S4-digits

Constant Cutting speed control (G96)

Rapid traverse rate

X1, X2, Z1 axis: 20 m/min

Z2 axis: 20 m/min

Y1 axis: 12 m/min

Cutting feed rate

F 3.4 digit per revolution

Cutting feed rate override

0-150% (in 10% increments)


G01, G02, G03


G32, G92

Canned cycle

G90, G92, G94

Work coordinate setting

Automatic Setting, 64 work coordinate setting by the tool position

Tool selection

by TAABB at the specified position for each

turret tool wear compensation is selected by BB.

Direct input of tool position

by measured MDI

Input/ Output interface

USB, PC Card slot

Automatic operation

1 cycle operation/ Continuous operation, Single block

Block delete, Machine lock, Dry run, feed hold

Optional block skip

Exterior view

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