Are You Looking for the Right All-in-One Bone Screw Package?


Many large medical manufacturers are bringing work in house that has to date been manufactured off site. This reflects their need to control parts scheduling, inventories, quality and, of course, price. No manufacturer likes to keep the needed sizeable inventories of parts in stock to ensure on-time delivery, but when relying on an outside resource, this can become necessary, as delivery schedules tend to be out of their control.


The problem that they often face is assembling a package of equipment components that work together flawlessly and provide the quality and productivity they require. Another issue is when one component fails, or two parts do not work together as planned, troubleshooting or repairs can be very time consuming and costly, and above all very frustrating.


Enter a manufacturer such as Marubeni Citizen-Cincom with their highly precise, highly versatile line of Swiss-type turning centers known in the trade as CINCOM (CItizen Numerically COntrolled Machines), who will supply just such a package and be there as the single point of contact should any technical question come up.


MCC offers a Bone Screw Whirling Package for the Cincom L20 model that provides everything needed to make bone screws quickly and efficiently, including:


CAV 20L Barfeeder

High Pressure Coolant CB8L with Heat Exchanger

Whirling Unit and Cutting Head

Canned Cycle for Drilling


C Axis Main Spindle

Back Spindle Index 1 Degree


Cincom CAV20L-IS


Embraced by medical parts manufacturers throughout the country, Citizen machines continue to produce such critical parts as cranial bone screws and dental implants on their R07 model. Larger orthopedic bone screws are produced on larger machines, including the L20 and M32 models.


Citizen is best known as the manufacturer of high-precision timepieces, including the smallest watch, the thinnest watch, and the most accurate watch available today. Its expertise, however, extends beyond watch manufacture, and includes television sets, office equipment, computers, and audio-visual equipment. The company’s vertical integration has led also to the development of advanced production equipment.


Since its inception, MCC has successfully made CINCOM machines the most widely accepted Swiss-type turning centers in the world—there are close to 5000 CINCOMs in the United States. Outside the medical industry, these machines are used extensively to manufacture an array of parts for the electronics, fiber optics, automobile, business machine, aerospace, defense, firearms, tool, valve, fastener, and many other industries.


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