Cincom R07 VI

High-speed, high-precision machining of tiny precision parts

Cincom R07 brochure

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Maximum machining diameter ∅ 7 mm

The new R07 CINCOM is compact and has a maximum machining diameter of ∅ 7 mm. It specializes in machining small-diameter parts, thus offering a wider range of high-precision work pieces for specialized parts.


Rotary Guide Bushing

The new R07 features a compact rotary guide bushing unit developed exclusively for high-speed, high-precision machining. With this new rotary guide bushing the R07 can perform metal cutting at speeds of up to 12,000 rpm. Without the rotary guide bushing the cutting speeds go up to 16,000 rpm. The sub-spindle delivers 10,000 rpm.


Slide structure ideal for the machining of small-diameter parts

The R07 CINCOM uses linear motors to drive the slide and tool posts. This system achieves fast part processes with quick response and quiet operation, as well as eliminating thermal distortion. A scale feedback control system is also used with all axes, which offers the perfect machine configuration for machining small, high-precision parts.


Reduction of non-cutting idle time

Even while the high-speed built-in spindle motor is running at a high speed, the chuck can be opened or closed without first decreasing the speed. This feature reduces non-cutting idle time which results from acceleration and deceleration of the spindle. Use of two independent tool posts on the machine increases operation efficiency, eliminating idle time due to a tool exchange.


Automatic Bar Loader

Complementing the R07 is the optional ALPS Automatic Bar Loader. This special bar loader is specifically designed to grasp and feed small wire-like bars into the machine.

Small-diameter (tiny) part removal system

The R07 CINCOM offers an optional vacuum type part removal system and carousel work piece separator that can greatly improve productivity.


Improvement of complex machining capability

Rotary tools are now part the gang tool post. This allows small-diameter parts requiring complex machining such as polygon turning and end face drilling be machined easily.


Compact design

The R07 CINCOM with its use of a built-in spindle and linear motor, reduces the size of the machine foot print saving valuable floor space by 40% compared to that of the B12. This small, compact size considerably increases the manufacturing production area of the plant.

Standard NC functions


NC unit dedicated to CINCOM R series

Tool offset pairs: 16 pairs

7.2-inch monochrome liquid crystal display

Product counter display: Up to 8 digits

Operation time display

Preparation function

Interference check function

On-machine program check function

Main spindle speed change detection function

Automatic power-off function

Program storage capacity: Equivalent 20 m tape

Thread cutting canned cycle

Spindle synchronization control function

Sub-inch command


Main standard accessories


Main spindle chucking device

Workpiece separator

Carry type synchronous rotary guide bushing device

Coolant device (with level sensor)

Door switch/door lock

Back spindle chucking device

Lubrication device (with level sensor)

Optional NC functions


Main spindle 1 degree indexing function

Back spindle 1 degree indexing function

Multiple repetitive cycle

Canned cycle for drilling

Nose R compensation function

Corner chamfering/rounding function

Program storage capacity: Equivalent 120 m tape (maximum)

Main spindle rigid tapping function

Tool spindle rigid tapping function

Back spindle rigid tapping function

Continuous threading cycle

Tool life control I


Optional accessories


Stationary guide bushing device with open/close device

Rotary tool spindle drive unit for gang tool

Small 4-division separator

Cut-off tool breakage detector

Coolant flow-rate detecting device

Signal lamp

Work light

Axis movement

Machine specifications

Item R07 VI
Max. machining diameter 7 mm (.28")
Max. machining length 40 mm (1.57")
Max. front drilling diameter 4 mm (.16")
Max. front tapping size (with tap and die) M4
Spindle through-hole diameter 12 mm (.47")
Main spindle speed 16,000 rpm (12,000 rpm with rotary guide bushing)
Max. drilling diameter in the rotary gang tool machining process 2 mm (.08")
Max. tapping diameter in the rotary gang tool machining process M2
Rotary spindle speed 8,000 rpm
Max. chuck diameter of the back spindle 7 mm (.28")
Max. workpiece length for the front side collection from the back spindle 40 mm (1.57")
Max. drilling diameter in the back machining process 2 mm (.08")
Max. tapping diameter in the back machining process M2.6
Back spindle speed 10,000 rpm
Number of tools to be mounted 13
Turning tools on the gang tool post 5
Rotary tools on the gang tool post 2
Tools for front spindle 3
Tools for back spindle 3
Tool size
Gang tool post (tool) 8 mm (.32")
Sleeve 15.875 mm (.63")
Rapid feed rate
X1,Y1,Z1,X2,Y2 axes 30 m/min (98.43 ft/min)
Z3 axis 20 m/min (65.62 ft/min)
Main spindle drive 0.75/1.1 KW
Tool spindle drive 0.2 KW
Back spindle drive 0.5 KW
Cutting oil 0.18 KW
Center height 1,000 mm (39.37")
Input power capacity 4 KVA
Air pressure and air flow rate for air-driven equipment 0.5 MPa · 80 NI/min
Weight 850 Kg (1,873.93 lbs)

Typical parts

For parts up to 5/32" diameter × 2" long per chucking.

Floor layout

Maximum height: 1,410 mm (55.51")
including mount


*A and L dimensions vary depending
on bar feeder type


All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.


This product is subject to the export control laws of the United States and other countries. A license may be required prior to export, re-export or transfer of these products. Contact us for further information.


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