Synchronous and Superimposed Operation


Synchronized Control


Available for:

Swiss Turning Centers – L20, M16 and M20/32

Superimposed Operation


A patented feature, this function allows the motion of the main Z1 axis to overlap the motion of the Z2 axis. As a result, machining can be performed on the Z2 and X2 axes, independently from operations being performed on the Z1 and X1 axes.


O.D. Turning &
Center Drilling

Turret 1 begins O.D. turning

Turret 2 approaches on Z axisTurret 1 contouring

Turret 2 superimposes with headstock movement, and begins independent drillingTurret 1 contouring

Turret 2 retracting

Turret 1 contouring

Turret 2 drilling (pecking), Turret 1 contouringTurret 1 finishes contouring

Turret 2 completes drilling


Different Threads Machined Simultaneously

Turret 1 threading

Turret 2 approaches on Z axis

Turret 1 finishes first pass

Turret 2 superimposes with the fast feed return of the headstock, and continues threadingTurret 1 threads at 3rd location

Turret 2 finishes threading and returns via fast feed

Synchronous Operation


A patented feature that allows multiple machining functions to be performed simultaneously.


Two axes are programmed to operate in conjunction with one another. Movements along both axes are programmed to occur at precisely the same time, and across precisely determined distances.


Synchronized Contouring/End Support

Z2 synchronizes with movement of headstockTool begins contouring
 Z2’s movement synchronizes with headstock movement as tool continues to contour

Synchronously Machining Two-Sided Planes

Turrets 1 and 2 move in synchronization along Z axis Milling performed at both turrets and interpolated with CaxisTurrets retract simultaneously at completion of operation

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