CNC lathe Cycle Time Estimating software for Windows

As CNC machines get more complex, their processes become equally complex, making it difficult to create an accurate time study for a given part. WinTS can be used with all your CNCs to create accurate time studies.

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WinTS (32-bit Windows) for Win95-WinXP / Win7-Win8 with Compatibility Settings to WinXP

(16.3 MB)

The internet download version is for demo purposes only. If you would like to purchase the current version of WinCNC or WinTS please contact your local dealer.

Download the WinTS v1.1.9 demo

Price: $800 for 3 user licenses


$400 for each additional set of
3 user licenses


If purchased with WinCNC the package price is $1300.00

Download Instructions:
To demo WinTS, download the file above. Unzip the files to a folder on your hard drive, then run “Setup”.

  • Registered in the Windows registry. While navigating around in Windows, double click on a “.wts” file and it will be loaded into WinTS automatically. Or right click on it to print, without loading WinTS first.
  • Compares time between Main and Sub spindle operations
  • Easy copy of operations from Main to Sub or Sub to Main with a mouse click!
  • Dynamic interface – as one item is changed, all other items are adjusted on the fly
  • Calculates run time and also setup time! All shop setup procedures are different. The times can be changed to suit your shop if needed.
  • On-screen help available
  • Can add your CNC lathe with all CNC times changeable by you
  • Print Preview to check your time study prior to printing
  • Prints a table of times with efficiencies from 80-100% for easy review. These times include barload time and are changeable to your company’s hours per shift, hours per day, etc. The table shows parts per hour, shift, day, week, month, and year – all on a simple chart.


  • Print a CNC tool holder list. Before you get the job, you can confirm you have the proper tool holders.
  • Auto setting. Choose a tap size from a list and the center/spot, drill, and the tap are added to the time study. If it is a live tap and there are four of them, just set “4” for the number of operations and four center/spots, four drills, and four tap operations are added automatically.

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