Conventional & Laser Machining on a Single Machine

Laser Cutting, Welding and Etching
Near Endless Geometric Shape Possibilities
Multiple Operations in a Single Set Up
Minimal Burrs
Faster Than EDM Machining
Machine Accuracies .00001”
Now available on Cincom A20, L12, L20, L32 and Miyano BNA-42GTY

Laser System L2000 1
Laser System L2000 2
Laser System L2000 3

Specifications and Benefits:

QCW (Quasi Continuous Wave) Multi Mode unit available
IPG Photonics leading provider of fiber lasers in the world
Air cooled
Multiple power units are available
10 micron delivery fiber
Internal Pulse Generator with endless parameter possibilities
Cutting path and offsets FULLY controlled and edited in machine control

Optical Head Specifications:

CCD Integrated Camera for optical viewing and alignment
Fine X, Y Beam adjustment for beam alignment to nozzle
Head assembly is completely liquid tight
Head is 100% made and supported in USA
Kerf widths down to 20 microns