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Machine Information

Cincom B12EVI

In addition to the 5 turning tools, the B12VI also comes with 3 live cross tools and 4 front/back ID tools. This is the standard machine for the US market.

Reduced Machining, NC Operation and Tool Replacement Time

Multi-axis control system for extremely fast data processing
All operations directly controlled by the NC using a completely electronic full servo system
Machining with higher precision is assured even in lengthy operations without being affected by the thermal displacement of a ball screw
A built-in servo motor with an integrated ball screw realizes high speed, fast response operation of the feed system
Tool layout not constrained by machine structure reduces setup and tool replacement times

Cincom B12EVI

Additional Details

100% Servo Equipped

Less downtime – eliminates belts, hydraulics, pressure switches, pneumatics, solenoids and other high maintenance components
Shorter cycle times than CAMs
-Faster rapid traverses and spindle speeds
-Quicker acceleration and deceleration times
-Shorter chip-to-chip times and chuck open/close times

40% less floor space

Improved back spindle functionality

Synchronous rotation with main spindle
Front and back work performed simultaneously
S4-digits direct command transmission to 7,000 rpm
0.5 kw motor for excellent acceleration and deceleration
Back spindle has same electrical chuck as front spindle
May be opened and closed as needed, eliminating limitations of a conventional CAM drive

Easy, Safe Operation

Quick, easy, safe way to prove out new programs
Reviews operation in forward and reverse for accurate program editing
Increased reliability due to reduced number of parts
Minimum maintenance and attendance

Quiet Integral Drive Spindle

Drive spindle built-in and fully enclosed
Reduced vibration and noise
Sealed unit enables use of water soluble cutting oil


Typical Parts

Typical Parts
For parts up to .47" diameter × 5.31" long per chucking.
  • Contouring
    End Work
    - Drilling
    - Tapping
    - Reaming
    - Boring
Cincom B12EVI


Max. machining diameter .47"
Max. machining length (per chucking) 5.31"
Main spindle motor 1.5/2.2 KW
Main spindle speed 100-12,000 rpm
Back spindle speed 100-7,000 rpm
Number of Tools: Cutting 5
Number of Tools: Rotary 3
Number of Tools: Front Drilling 4
Number of Tools: Back Drilling 4
Cincom B12EVI

Floor Layout

Cincom B12EVI Floor Layout

Space-Saving Design

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

Partnered with the optional Bartop LUB12 barloader, the B12VI is a complete manufacturing cell offered as a replacement for existing CAM type lathes.

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