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Cincom M5 SERIES

This next generation M32 includes additional features for improved performance, function and ease of use.

Single drive for rotary tools on the turret tool post, together with updated tooling
Higher torque and output for all motors, achieving powerful machining and high acceleration/deceleration
Optimal balance of strength and weight greatly improves rigidity
15 inch, touch screen operation panel with HMI
Larger door and window for improved operability and in-machine visibility
38mm oversized specification option available

Easily Switch Between Guide Bushing and Non-guide Bushing Type

The M32 is equipped with a detachable guide bushing as standard. This allows the machine to be used as a regular guide bushing type automatic lathe for long and small diameter workpieces. Once the guide bushing is removed, it can be used to machine short workpieces with less material waste.

Cincom M5 SERIES

New Single Drive Turret: Employed for the first time with Cincom, a single drive mechanism where only the selected rotary tool rotates. Elimination of wasted rotation of non-selected tools enables powerful machining with high accuracy while suppressing heat generation, vibration and loss of power. It also extends the lives of gears and bearings, and reduces running cost.

Cincom M5 SERIES

B axis with 3 rotary tools on the gang tool post (type VIII): The B axis is the slant axis in reference to the Y axis direction. When drilling a slanted hole on a conventional machine the adjustable angle spindle was required, but now rotary tools incorporating a B axis can be used to change the angle continuously allowing you to handle slanted holes at a number of angles. Contouring with simultaneous 4-axis control is also possible (the angle range is -10° to 95°).

Cincom M5 SERIES

Y Axis on the Back Tool Post: The back tool post can accommodate holders at 3 positions (2 positions for rotary tools and one for fixed tools) and up to nine tools can be used. All 3 rows are under Y3 axis control. The specifications of the outer diameter milling spindle (GSC1310), 3-drilling spindle (GSE1510) and 3-sleeve holder (GDF1501) are common to those used on the gang tool post and they can be used both on the gang tool post and the back tool post.

Cincom M5 SERIES

Additional Details

Axis Movement
Cincom M5 SERIES

Cincom M5 SERIES


ITEM M32-5M7 M32-5M8
Max. Machining Diameter 1.25" (32 mm);
1.5" (38 mm) option
1.25" (32 mm);
1.5" (38 mm) option
Maximum Machining Length 12.59" (320 mm)/Chucking 12.59" (320 mm)/Chucking
Main Spindle Speed 200~8,000 rpm 200~8,000 rpm
Rotary Tool Spindle Speed 200 ~ 9,000 rpm (gang)
200 ~ 6,000 rpm (Turret)
200 ~ 9,000 rpm (gang)
200 ~ 6,000 rpm (Turret, Back Live Tool)
Back Spindle Max. Diameter 1.25" (32 mm) 1.25" (32 mm)
Back Spindle Front Ejection Maximum Length 5.7" (145mm) 5.7" (145mm)
Back Spindle Speed 200~8,000 rpm 200~8,000 rpm
Rapid Traverse Rate 32m/min (X2: 18m/min, Y2: 12m/min) 32m/min (X2: 18m/min, Y2: 12m/min, B1: 50 rpm)
Input Power 24 KVA 24 KVA
Center Height 45" 45"
Weight 9,480 lbs. 9,480 lbs.
Main Spindle 7.3 hp: continuous / 10 hp: 15 minutes rate 7.3 hp: continuous / 10 hp: 15 minutes rate
Back Spindle 7.3 hp: continuous / 10 hp: 15 minutes rate 7.3 hp: continuous / 10 hp: 15 minutes rate
Rotary Tool 3 hp (gang); 3 hp (turret); 1.3 hp (back live) 3 hp (gang); 3 hp (turret); 1.3 hp (back live)
Coolant 0.5 hp 0.5 hp
Number of mountable Tools
Gang Tool Post (turning) 5 5
Gang Tool Post (live) 5 modular stations 5 modular stations
Turret Stations 10 10 + 1/2 index
Back Tool Post 3 modular stations 3 modular stations
Tooling Size
Turning tools 5/8" Sq 5/8" Sq
I.D. Sleeves 1" Dia. 1" Dia.
Collets / Bushings
Main Spindle Collet TF 37-SP TF 37-SP
Back Spindle Collet TF 37-SP TF 37-SP
Guide Bushing TD 32 TD 32
Rotary Tool Collet ER 16 ER 16
Cincom M5 SERIES

Standard Floor Layout

Standard M5 SERIES Floor Layout

Loader dimensions vary depending on bar feeder type

All specifications are subject to change without prior notice.

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